What our packages include :

Package cleaning :

What does the daily cleaning package include?

The cleaning day package also includes the option for our guests to choose to use this time to get help with meal preparation or child management. You have the freedom to customize our services according to your specific needs.

Package cook-housekeeper :

What does the cooker-housewife package include ?

Our housekeeper service offers a complete solution which takes care of meal preparation, as well as shopping the day before for the next day, carried out by a lady of the house.

Our prices do not include shopping, which is your responsibility. However, we offer shopping prices of 300 DH per day for 1 to 6 people. And 600 DH per day for 6 to 12 people. Our lady of the house is responsible for doing the shopping according to your preferences and the menus decided the day before. She will also present you with the purchase invoices. This basket can be adjusted according to your needs.

Package cook :

What does the cooker price include ?

Our cooking service includes the preparation of the meal of your choice at your home by an experienced cook, respecting strict hygiene standards. Additionally, kitchen cleaning is included.

Package babysitting :

what does our childcare rate include ?

Our childcare service offers you a reliable and professional solution for the care and well-being of your precious little ones. We provide trusted professionals who carefuly monitor the safety, education and entertainment of your children. You can therefore go about your activities in complete peace of mind.